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Citroën Berlingo WAV Lowered Floor and Ramp

Citroën Berlingo WAV Lowered Floor and Ramp

Delivering fast installation and trusted reliability worldwide, this lowered floor kit converts an OEM Citroën Berlingo to a Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV).

The Mobility Networks lowered floor solutions for WAVs fit seamlessly with OEM interiors and deliver fast and straightforward installation. Once installed they provide a tailgate ramp and floor for wheelchair passengers to access a vehicle from the rear. Each conversion kit can be supplied with optional quality wheelchair tie-down retractors so fast and safe securement is assured.

Significant time and cost savings are now available to accessible vehicle convertors through specification of this Citroën Berlingo floor kit. Expensive in-house tooling and extensive labour costs are reduced as these pre-engineered floor and ramp solutions can be slotted into an adapted vehicle efficiently. This ultimately delivers an improved turnaround time and level of service for end users.

Each lowered floor is supplied with a lightweight ramp with an extended platform or a bi-fold configuration for compact storage. The long ramp version is hinged into two sections so driver rear visibility is not affected when stowed vertically.

The other ingenious bi-fold option can be stored in a horizontal position so the boot space is not compromised as a completely flat surface is provided. All ramps have anti-skid surfaces and provide a 300kg SWL.

When converted using a Mobility Networks kit, an accessible Citroën Berlingo provides owners with maximum flexibility. The original rear seating can be folded down, removed or retained in an upright position. If the rear seats are removed to accommodate a wheelchair passenger, then a spacious floor area is provided for easy access – 142x82cm. There is also a generous amount of headroom of up to 145cm for the wheelchair occupant when secured into the vehicle. This offers maximum comfort and clear visibility through side windows.

The optional wheelchair tie-downs meet all current European safety standards and are crash tested to exceed the requirements of ISO 10542. They are simple to use and are accompanied by a 3-point safety belt system that secures the wheelchair occupant.

From an external aesthetics point of view, the use of a lowered wheelchair accessible floor can be completely concealed by retention of the original bumper. The bumper is attached to the tailgate resulting in minimal visual difference between an accessible vehicle and a standard Citroën Berlingo.

Mobility Networks can provide comprehensive training for convertors in regards to fitting of its Citroën Berlingo floor kit along with all relevant technical specifications and drawings.

Mobility Networks also provide lowered floor conversion kits for the latest Ford Connect, Mercedes Benz Citan and Vito, Peugeot Partner and VW Caddy.

Vehicle Applications:
Large personal mobility car


  • Fast and simple installation
  • Quality finish with seamless OEM integration
  • Reliable components that conform to all current safety standards
  • Spacious, easy access for wheelchair passengers and attendants
  • Efficient ordering and delivery
  • Comprehensive training for conversion company engineers
  • 3D CAD illustrations available for support during vehicle design process
  • Efficient on site installation by Mobility Networks’ engineers available in certain regions – details available on request

Features/technical specification:

  • Lowered vehicle floor and manual ramp
  • Versatile rear seating configurations for maximum flexibility
  • Spacious floor well – 142x82cm
  • Generous headroom – 145cm
  • 300kg SWL
  • Aluminium ramp with anti-skid surface
  • Bi-fold / long ramp options
  • Anti-skid washable vehicle floor
  • Retractable wheelchair restraint system with adequate belt length for passenger securement prior to boarding
  • Wheelchair tie-downs and passenger restraints exceed ISO 10542 safety standards