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Recent midi-coach retrofit – Now PSVAR compliant

We've recently converted this midi-coach to be fully PSVAR compliant. Don't leave it too late to ensure your coaches are fully accessible; no matter their size or age.

05 August, 2020

Passenger Lift Services offers accessibility solutions for vehicles to comply with Public Service Vehicle Accessibility Regulations (PSVAR) and whole other range of safety regulations.

What is PSVAR?

PSVAR (Public Service Vehicle Accessibility Regulations) is a piece of legislation which lays out rules for accessibility on public service vehicles. Recent events have pushed the legislation back to 31st December 2020; all public service vehicles such as school buses and any scheduled service vehicles will need to be wheelchair accessible. There are exemptions from the new PSVAR’s including tour buses. It is currently unclear how the new regulations will be enforced by DVSA but it is clear that these changes have been a long time coming and companies should address their accessibility requirements asap.

We work with trusted partners to convert a variety of different vehicles to make them PSVAR compliant. We fit to both new vehicles and older ones. We are the only UK lift manufacturerand that ensures an efficient service network and 97% of all service parts being delivered the next day.

If your vehicle only needs minor work for lift preparation this can be included during installation. If on the other hand your coach requires more comprehensive work, we can help partner you with approved UK Converters who can offer a fully certified, concept to completion solution.

Please speak to our industry leading sales team who will evaluate your specific requirements.